Mar 11, 2010

Swimming Pool Cake


BLUE JELL-O (make according to Jiggler recipe)calls for 4 boxes, I used 3.

**I used white Trident Whitening gum as tiles around the edge of the pool.


First, bake cake according to directions. I used a disposable foil pan also. Once cake is cooled, gently and carefully carve the shape of the pool - with a very sharp knife. ***I ran into some issues here, the cake was so delicate and fluffy, that it kept tearing. I HIGHLY recommend a firmer cake, such as pound cake or devil's food. I used Betty Crocker Yellow Cake, and since it is so light and moist, it was a nightmare!! Maybe if you make it a day before you carve it, it would set up better? I carved mine as soon as it cooled.
Anyway... Once you carve the shape, you want to take a fork, and start scooping the shape of the pool out. Once its carved out, take a spoon and get as many of the crumbs out as you can. (this is very hard with box cake since its so light and delicate)
I finally got my pool carved out, about 1 or 2 inches deep. UGH! Next, take white frosting and VERY CAREFULLY frost the entire cake, including the inside of the pool. Be careful not to tear around the edge of the pool, and you will encounter lots of crumbs too. Don't worry about the crumbs too much, because the Jell-O will cover it.
Make the Jell-O according to the Jiggler recipe on the box (It was 4 boxes of Jell-o and 2-1/2 cups boiling water.. I used 3 boxes). Then let it cool in fridge until its the consistency of syrup... make sure it doesnt harden!! If it does, nuke it for a few seconds and stir it.
NEXT, I put the gum tiles on and poured the chilled Jell-O into the pool shape. I think it overfilled a tad, and got up on one side. Grrr.

Let it CHILL for however long you can before you embellish it with stuff... We plan to put Teddy Grahams in the water, sitting inside Gummy Savers, and then also have a few Teddy's laying on the sides, on pieces of Fruit by the Foot cut to look like Beach towels. And adding some palm trees or those cute Asian umbrellas!

** this cake turned out SO CUTE!! And sold for $250, the most EVER in the cake auction....

If you are brave enough to try this, please let me know!!

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