Mar 11, 2010

Lori's Own Famous Chicken Salad

Alright, here is another one of my own wacky creations. In this recipe, I am only putting the INGREDIENTS. You can make as much or as little, and add as much or as little of each thing as you see fit. :) The only thing that you must do is cook the chicken this way, and also use Italian dressing AND mayo for the mix. Otherwise, go crazy!

Lori’s Famous Chicken Salad

4 large skinless boneless chicken breasts
Kojack or cheddar cheese. Cubed into ½ to ¼ inch pieces.
Green pepper – chopped medium fine
Italian Dressing
Real Mayonnaise
Salt and pepper
Olive Oil

Place chicken on baking sheet. Splash a little olive oil on each breast. Salt and pepper each breast. Sprinkle Mrs. Dash generously over each breast. Bake 400 for 20-30 minutes (depending on thickness of chicken) or until cooked through.
While chicken is cooking, prepare the cheese chunks and green pepper chunks. Add salt and pepper and soak them in Italian Dressing to marinate a little.
Next, SHRED CHICKEN while its hot using 2 forks. It’s much easier to shred while it’s hot. Let chicken COOL. Add shredded chicken to the cheese and peppers. Once you mix them together, add mayo until it’s as creamy as you like it. CHILL well before serving.

Next you can do one of two things… This recipe is the bomb on sandwiches, OR you can make it extra saucy (add a little extra Italian and mayo) and add pasta to it for a delicious pasta chicken salad (chill well before serving).

.will post pics soon!

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