Feb 9, 2013

Garlic Dill Pickles

MMM These are so crispy and crunchy and salty and tart and garlicky!  With a dab of spice!

This recipe will make 4 large or 8 small mason jars.

6-8 cucumbers
2 jalapeno peppers - seeded and sliced
4 cups vinegar of your choice (I used apple cider vinegar)
4 cups water
5 TBLS pickling salt
8 spoonfuls black pepper corns (1 per small jar, or 2 per large)
Fresh dill sprigs (2 per small jar, or 4 per large)
1 jar chopped garlic (1 TBLS per small jar, 2 per large jar) You can use fresh chopped garlic too. :)

Start by simmering the vinegar, water and salt.  While this comes to a simmer, add the pepper, garlic, jalapeno and dill to each jar.  Then, tiger stripe the cucumbers, and slice them however you want.  I usually slice it down the center, then cut into 1/2" thick chunks.  Fill each jar to the very top, packing the cucumbers in the best you can.

Once the liquid comes to a simmer and all the salt is dissolved, pour into each jar, leaving about 1/2" at the top.  Put the lid on, and shake them up to get the garlic and peppers mixed in really good.  Place in the fridge.  Best after about a week, they get more spicy and more tart the longer they sit :)