Mar 27, 2010


One of my favorite treats as a child was when my aunt Marcia would make homemade Lefse. If you don't know what Lefse is, its Norwegian potato bread. Sort of like a crepe, or a tortilla.. its made with potatoes, and rolled out very thin and cooked on a hot skillet.then eaten warm, with butter and sugar and rolled up.. I haven't had it since I was a child, but recently have been thinking of trying to make it.. So, I have searched online for recipes that seemed authentic, and easy enough for me to make for my first attempt.. My biggest fear is rolling out the dough.. I hear if the dough isnt perfect, that they'll fall apart. EEK! I found TWO recipes that seem perfect. One uses real potatoes, and the other uses potato flakes...

I will keep you updated if and When I take on the task of creating Norwegian LEFSE!