Jun 18, 2010

Perfect Roast chicken

I know it sounds impossible, but up until last week, I had never roasted a whole chicken!!! So, I braved it! Can I just say, it turned out super scrumptious and juicy, and flavorful. The skin was perfectly seasoned and crisp!!

1 chicken rinsed, dried.
1 packet of Slow Cooker Italian Chicken seasoning. (I know, sounds weird)
Potatoes, carrots, onion. Any other veggie you like. :)
water or chicken broth
salt and pepper

First, smear the butter all over the bird generously. Sprinkle the seasoning on and rub it in, with the butter all over the bird. It will look perfectly coated, and beatiful. Sprinkle salt and pepper all over it and the veggies too. I also put some butter under the skin on the breast, and extra butter to make it super moist and juicy!
Put the cut up veggies on bottom of roasting pan, and then sprinkly a little of the same seasoning on them. Add about 2/3 inch water or chicken broth to the bottom. Put a rack in the center for the chicken to sit on.
Bake 400 for about an hour and 45 min.. to 2 hours..until juices are clear. After about an hour, I put a few more pats of butter on the breast.. once the bird is nicely browned, turn it over to brown the underside..... let sit 10-15 minutes before cutting. You can use the pan juices to make fabulous gravy too by adding flour or cornstarch slurry and whisking until thick! Enjoy!