Mar 12, 2010

dark chocolate cherry mocha??????

Oh my heavens!! I just heard Starbucks has a new dark cherry mocha????? Oh lord, I need to try this!!!


lorlor54 said...

this is the FRAPPACINO version..... The regular mocha is also lookin DELISH!!

lorlor54 said...

ohhhhhh yah, I tried this yesterday!! yummy! But they didnt put any red cherry syrup on top! grrrr. It really could have been more cherry too! Maybe next time, I will ask for more cherry !!

lorlor54 said...

Ok, today I had the hot version of the dark cherry mocha. And, it was very thick and rich. I think next time, I will get the hot version, with fat free milk, and extra cherry! then it will be Just perfect!!