Apr 9, 2010


Well, tomorrow my sister is (finally) throwing a party to celebrate her new house! And she has asked me to help he cook for it. There will be 50+ people coming! EEEK! So we have decided on the following items:

Meatballs - my island meatballs

Bacon wrapped dates stuffed with goat cheese

Prosciutto and melon bites

Mini caprese bites

Mini potato pancakes with chive sour cream

Mini empanadas

Stuffed mushrooms

Cheese and breads/crackers

Nuts and olives

Some sort of dip and veggies

Fresh fruit and chocolate

Coconut Macaroons

Angel Lush

OK! Whew! I have already made macaroons, and the angel lush (will post recipe, its DIVINE!) Today I am making the meatball mixture and getting them into balls, ready to fry tomorrow..... I am also going to my sister's house later to help stuff dates, and put together the mini-caprese bites (cherry tomato sliced in half with mozzarella, and basil in the middle on a toothpick). My mother is making stuffed mushrooms (my recipe).I think my sis is making the empanadas and procciutto and melon bites.. . and tomorrow I will conquer the potato pancakes before the party. WHEW! I am tired just writing all this! Wish me luck!

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